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SAP Evaluations

SAP Evaluations

If you've lost your ability to work due to a DOT alcohol or drug violation, it doesn't that mean your career is over!

Selecting the right SAP to assist you through the return-to-duty process is the first step toward your successful return!

According to DOT regulation 49 CFR § 40,  a substance abuse professional (SAP), is a licensed clinician who has completed specialized training regarding DOT specific drug & alcohol testing regulations. DOT requires that individuals who have provided a non-negative drug and/or alcohol test result (or who have refused to provide a test sample), must select a qualified SAP to determine their return-to-duty requirements and supervise their progress.

A SAP’s primary focus is the safety of the traveling public; therefore, a SAP’s job is to evaluate employees who have violated the DOT’s drug and alcohol regulation, recommend the appropriate form of assistance, testing, and aftercare that each employee needs in order successfully and safely return to their DOT regulated job.

Having a DOT drug or alcohol violation does not have to mean that your safety-sensitive career is over!

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