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Military & First Responders

Military & First Responders

First and foremost:

Thank you to all active/retired Military & First Responders, though your missions may be different from one another, your courage, strength, and dedication to service is one I greatly respect.

To the family members & loved ones of all active/retired Military & First Responders: Thank you for your sacrifices and continued support of your loved ones, it’s not an easy gig to say the least & I respect your strength.

I was blessed with the great wisdom of my father (USMC-Vietnam Vet), who to this day continues to remind me that I will “never know what it’s like for someone else until I’ve walked a mile in his/her shoes.” This reminder, of courselef fits for all of my clients regardless of their experiences, but even more so for Military/First Responder personnel who are more cautious of the outsiders they let in, especially therapists.

To get as close of an experience on the inside as possible, I’ve spent over 10 years volunteering, riding along, conducting mental health, critical incident, & crisis response/deescalation trainings, and critical incident debriefings for first responders throughout Florida. I also serve as the clinical advisory board member of Healthy Hire Healthy Retire, and I am a counselor with Camaraderie Foundation.

Just as it takes a certain type of personality to be able to do what you do, it also takes a very certain type of personality to earn your trust and genuinely be able to help you through the things that weigh on you. More often than not, work related stress shows up through experiences that may seem “weird,” or out of character to you. Do any of these questions sound familiar?

“Why can’t I shake this?  Why now, after all these years?”

“Why am I getting so irritated over such little things?”

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

“I can’t tell anyone about this they’ll think I’m crazy!…””

If you can relate to having similar thoughts, please know it does not mean that you are broken or weak! Although many don’t speak of their challenges it is a common experience amongst military & first responders, but it doesn’t have to stay haunting you forever!

If you’re tired of feeling the way you’ve been, or even if you’re just wondering how to find answers to some of those questions, give me a call!

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