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Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Phoenix Therapeutic Solutions is in the process of developing specific groups for psychotherapy.

Have you heard about group therapy but aren’t sure if you should give it a whirl yet?

Group therapy is great for people who are:

  • Curious to learn more about problems they or their loved ones may be experiencing;
  • New to therapy and want to test the waters in a group setting before committing to individual sessions;
  • Currently in individual therapy and looking for additional resources;
  • Seeking to learn about and discuss challenging issues with others who are going though the same thing as you are;

Group therapy provides a collaborative environment which encourages learning and support from other group members in addition to the therapist.

Do you think group therapy could be a good fit for you?

Let us know what type of group would be best for you! Contact us today to give us your input and to ask any questions you may have about group therapy!

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